All about Nerd Chic Boutique


Welcome to Nerd Chic Boutique, the online destination for nerdy folks looking for a touch of pop culture in their lives. With our carefully curated collection of comfortable apparel, we invite you to embrace your inner geek while exuding style and individuality. Whether it's a casual outing, a night with friends, or simply relaxing at home, our apparel will keep you stylishly comfortable through any adventure.

At Nerd Chic Boutique, we get you. We understand your connection with science fiction, comics, toys, art, games, cartoons, and movies. Our store is a haven for those who appreciate the iconic elements, memorable moments, and imaginative worlds that have shaped our cultural landscape.


Each item at Nerd Chic Boutique is thoughtfully designed to celebrate a pop culture element while not being blatantly commercial. They invite a closer inspection and reward careful study. 

Picture yourself strolling confidently through the streets, dressed in a hoodie immortalizing a world once ruled by man but now ruled by apes, or a shirt that pays homage to Lucha Libre. Wear a one-of-a-kind celestial music festival shirt that features out-of-this-world bands. Our tastefully designed apparel showcases a perfect blend of design and subtle enthusiasm, ensuring you stand out from the crowd with a touch of geek chic.

The feeling you get when a friend, or even a total stranger, looks at you and remarks, "cool shirt" is like nothing else. 


At Nerd Chic Boutique, we believe that exceptional style doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. That's why we offer reasonable pricing and free shipping on all orders going to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and China. Say goodbye to the hassle of calculating shipping fees or worrying about hidden charges. 


Our products are designed in Santa Monica, California and assembled overseas. The designs typically feature all-over printing or printing on multiple sections of the appeal. Since our items are so exclusive, each one is printed and sewn to order. That means that you can expect delivery anywhere from three to five weeks after ordering.

Over a month!?!? Yeah, we opted for cool design, careful manufacturing, competitive prices and had to give somewhere. That somewhere was fast shipping. 

Think of it as buying future you a surprise gift. If you're purchasing a gift for someone else, we beg you to order very early. 


Your happiness is important to us. Really important. We do a couple things to ensure your enduring joy. First, our product pages carefully list the measurements of each garment in each size. We specify the materials used in each item. We've "battle tested" these garments, wearing and washing them dozens of times. The process used in manufacturing is called "dye sublimation" and "reactive printing direct to garment" which maintains bright, vibrant colors while keeping the artwork crisp and sharp. You are not going to experience the flaking and peeling of heat-transferred graphics. Nor the abrupt fading you see in simple screen printing. Our process works by permanently locking color into the fabric.

However, errors in manufacturing have been known to happen and something might slip by QC. So if you have any issue with a garment that might harsh your mellow, let us know within a couple weeks of receiving your item. We will replace your item as quickly as possible in the case of any mistakes in the color, size, or quality of the garment. Just contact us with your order number.


Join our community of discerning folks who celebrate their love for pop culture with style and sophistication. Whether you're an avid collector, a casual fan, or simply someone who appreciates the timeless charm of iconic characters and stories, Nerd Chic Boutique is your destination of choice.

Elevate your wardrobe, embrace your passions, and indulge in the magic of pop culture with Nerd Chic Boutique. Unleash your inner geek and make a lasting impression wherever you go. Shop now and embark on a journey that combines your love for all things pop with a refined sense of style.