• Embrace your love for pop culture while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated edge. We offer a curated collection of apparel inspired by science fiction, comics, toys, art, cartoons, music, and movies. Our store is a haven for those who appreciate the iconic elements, memorable moments, and imaginative worlds that have shaped our cultural landscape.

    At Nerd Chic Boutique, we get you.

  • Let’s not make this complicated.

    The prices you see in our store Are. The. Prices. There are no up-charges for shipping & handling, or sales tax, or ectoplasm disposal fees. The item description gives a ton of information about the product and items fit true to their US size. We make each piece to order. Printing, sewing, packing and shipping takes time, usually a few weeks, but as much as six weeks. It's like Master Yoda (probably) said, "Good things come to those who wait."


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