We've Got You Covered - Our Extended Size Range Has Options for Everyone

We've Got You Covered - Our Extended Size Range Has Options for Everyone


At Nerd Chic Boutique, we know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect t-shirt or hoodie when you're outside the "average" size range. We're proud to offer an extensive size range in our pop culture-inspired apparel to accommodate body shapes and sizes of all kinds.

Our t-shirts and other gear come in men's sizes from extra small to 5XL. That's Large! It means we've got you covered whether you're slim and lanky or big and tall. Our hoodies are available is sizes up to 6XL and out Hawaiian shirts go all the way up to 8XL! And while our sizes are in men's, many women find our roomy t-shirts and hoodies to be a comfortable oversized fit.

Our t-shirts use high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton fabrics so you can enjoy a relaxed, true-to-size fit that doesn't shrink or wear out too quickly. They feature a generous length that helps keep them tucked in. When untucked, they are not likely to reveal the old tum-tum even when you stretch. The roomy cut also allows you to layer them over long-sleeve shirts or wear them for maximum slouchy comfort.

Finding clothes that fit well shouldn't be a struggle or blow your budget. At Nerd Chic Boutique, we strive to make sizing as inclusive as possible so you can rock our original sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture designs with confidence and style. Keep an eye out for our upcoming expanded women's size range too!

No matter your body type, we've got you covered in the nerdy gear you love. Browse our full collection today to find the perfect fit!

Available in sizes from XS to 8XL

"They Live" | Miami Flavored Hawaiian Shirt

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